What you need to consider if you want to get a tattoo from me


1.You have to think about composition/theme/area/details/colours/b&g(black and grey)


2.When you find roughly what is it that you looking for you could either email me on the shops email( OR use the website and leave all info at the enquires section or what I prefer the most to come see me in person at the shop. That way it is easier to explain you and draw some ideas on a piece of paper or even on your skin which then I could take pictures and draw it from scratch which is what I do (CUSTOM!).


3.I would recommend and also suggest various ideas to which might make the tattoo superb therefore if you have a print of a design that I have NOT created I will NOT tattoo that on you as someone else took the effort and time to do that (COPYWRIGHT LAWS).


4.When we have come on an agreement to how your tattoo would be, a deposit will be asked (CASH if its in person) so I can secure you a date for getting it tattooed etc. Larger pieces might take me a week or so to design it as I also tattoo in-between them days. (NO DEPOSIT = NO TATTOO).


5. You will be given a confirmation card written by me stating the date and deposit which you have to keep safe.


6. If you change your mind about the design of the tattoo please give me enough time to modify it till it meets your criteria.


7. If you CANCEL the tattoo there is no refund on the deposit.

If you want to move it on a later day/date please get in touch with me as soon as possible and the minimum I would ask for is 48 hours prior to your appointment of the tattoo.
I do sacrifice a lot of my time and effort to this so please be careful with your decision.


8. No shows=people that wont show up on the day of the tattoo will not get deposit back, so if you remembered it a week later and not got in touch with me at all again deposit is non-refundable, if you CANCEL you don't get the deposit back.


9. Some tattoos can take longer than others as when it comes to size , detail etc. Therefore there will be multiple sessions so when you are agreeing and want to commit to this you have to understand the principles of tattooing.


10. Please take good care of your tattoo i.e. don't book an appointment without letting me know that you booked a holiday abroad a day before your tattoo and then not look after it, from the point you leave the shop your tattoo is your responsibility.


Please download the sheet with the TATTOO AFTERCARE on the bottom right so you could read before hand on how you should treat your tattoos.

I will keep trying my best to achieve everyone's expectations and again a big thank you to all.